Announcement AWEL

The recent legal issues between jointly Alan and his management company Alan Williams Entertainments (AWEL) and former members of the Rubettes having finally been settled resulted in AWEL retaining copyright in all things Rubettes including but not limited to, name, intellectual property and services. Throughout the whole process, on the advice of our legal team, we chose not to publicly comment upon any aspect of the litigation and not be goaded into dialogue by any and all accusations or criticisms levied against Alan through social media or otherwise. We would like to thank our legal team for their admirable professionalism, dedication and undoubting faith in our endeavours which ultimately resulted in procuring the successful outcome that it was and we would also like to thank all those of you who by consistently ignoring the ofttimes distasteful rhetoric which abounded, demonstrated a depth of belief in Alan that never wavered in continuing to support him throughout.  As with all unfortunate emotionally fuelled legal skirmishes the finer, ofttimes boring, details usually remain limited to what either party chooses to disclose, either publicly through the media, social or otherwise, or privately by word of mouth. We, in this instance, chose to let the evidence speak for itself. However, for those who would wish to have more of a truer factually based insight into the details of the courts findings, by way of a professional unbiased view, we recommend an article produced by Intellectual Property Lawyer Joanne Gibbs, whose excellent condensed interpretation of the 150 page court ruling should more than fulfil your inquisitive needs when reviewed by clicking on the link below.