Tour de France

The Guys have been invited by French TV channel France 3 to play at the starting ceremony of the second U.K. stage of the Tour de France cycle race in York on 6th July 2014. The start will be televised all over the World so maybe even the bands performance will prove to be a winner.

Paris Olympia Revisited

As part of the Rubettes 40th Anniversary the guys have been invited to appear in Paris at L’Olympia France’s most prestigious venue on 21st September 2014. This will be followed by a nationwide tour  of France. Venues to be announced.

After 40 years the band will return to the place which hosted their very first appearance in France where in 1974 they were number one in the French charts for the first time with ‘Sugar Baby Love’ at the start of their amazing French love affair.

Paris Olympia poster

Marathon Man


Alan ran the Paris Marathon last year.  Yes all 26 miles (42 kilometers) in 5 hours 8 minutes.   Not bad for a musician?   Alan says he is probably fitter now than when he was in the 70’s.   Probably all that sex, drugs & Rock n’ Roll.   Will he do it again?   “Probably not” says Alan, “it was an ambition fulfilled”.   “Done that, got the medal and the tee-shirt”.   What’s next?   Maybe Everest or the South pole???

Alan enjoys the moments before his epic run
Alan enjoys the moments before his epic run

Why Paris?    Alan said he tried for London but it was over subscribed so where else but France for a Rubette with nowhere to run.   “The atmosphere was electric and it was fabulous to see all those great landmarks up close and not just from a car window” said Alan, “37,000 people started and I officially finished 23,852th”.   “About 10,000 people never finished so for me to even finish the race at the first attempt makes me proud.   The training was extremely hard but well worth it and I can recommend it to anyone who is physically fit enough, which is maybe why the other Rubettes didn’t make it”.   Alan’s run raised quite a sum of money for John’s Krishna charity which amongst other things helps care for children.