As familiar as the white caps Alan has featured with the Rubettes throughout. Over the years there have been various Rubettes line ups with original members coming and going but Alan has proved to be the one common denominator..

Born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire but living most of his early life in East London Alan started playing Guitar in a school band at 15 years old, then in local clubs and bars until eventually touring in Europe at 18 years old with a popular East London band called the Medium.

When the Rubettes stopped touring in the early 80’s, Alan concentrated on a solo career achieving some recognition in Europe before eventually in 1983 going ‘back on the road’ with the Rubettes. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s the Rubettes continued touring with Alan always at the forefront of the band until in 2002 following a legal skirmish with a former member of  the Rubettes he renamed his version of the now defunct original Rubettes band the ‘Rubettes featuring Alan Williams’ which continues to this day. Alan is kept busy with management, publishing and all aspects of running the band including flying them about in the company airplane but when he gets a moment he likes nothing better than a grueling session at the gym then wasting all his efforts by relaxing with a decent bottle of wine.


Glyn was born in Wednesbury, near Birmingham in 1959 and started teaching himself to play the guitar age 13 , and like most teenagers of that era wished to emulate the Pop and Rock stars heard on the Radio and seen on TOTP.

By age 16 he was playing in a local band Snaps who within a year had a record deal with Charisma Records and played many gigs in the U.K as well as playing lots of recording sessions including working with members of The Fortunes and Daniel Boone.

By the early 1980,s Glyn was playing guitar with Alvin Stardust who he worked with for more than 30 years playing shows all over the U.K. , Europe and the Middle East in addition to TV and Record releases , even fitting in the odd TV shows with other artistes including Gilbert O’Sullivan. Unfortunately, Glyn’s association with Alvin came to an end in late 2014 with Alvin’s untimely passing.

During Glyn’s long association with Alvin he made many friends including Alan Williams and other members of the Rubettes culminating in Alan appearing at the Alvin Stardust Memorial concert in September 2018 , closing the show.
As a follow on from the show in September 2018 , Alan invited Glyn into his latest Rubettes line up for this 45th anniversary year and which Glyn accepted relishing the prospect.


Lawrie Haley originally started his musical career on the piano but quickly transferred over to the bass guitar in 1974, an instrument he has stayed with ever since.


He formed a band with his brother Mark and performed countless gigs on bass and vocals until in 1982 came the lucky break of touring and recording with Billy Fury.


In 1986 Lawrie was joined the Monkees for a 6 week tour of Australia which ultimately extended into a four-year rollercoaster ride World tour. One memorable night during the tour he had the fantastic experience of backing Chuck Berry on a gig for the US Navy in front of 8,000 personnel on America’s East Coast. After the Monkees came a brief period working with Cyndi Lauper Lawrie decided to leave the pro circuit and start a family but carried on performing gigs as a semi-pro through to the present day.


Lawrie had seen Mark perform with Alan Williams and the Rubettes on numerous occasions in recent years and is very excited at the prospect of performing the hit songs of the Rubettes with the man who originally sang them.


Mark Haley was born into a musical family and learned classical piano at the age of 5. He swiftly discovered the BBC’s Top Of The Pops television show and recalls watching the Rubettes debut appearance on the programme.


He began playing in bands while still at school then went straight into the music business after taking his exams.  Best known for his 5 year stint as keyboardist with the Kinks, Mark’s first lucky break came when invited to record and tour with the legendary Billy Fury which opened the door to a succession of opportunities with many established artists most notably, on the Monkees hugely successful reunion tours (which was where Mark was ‘spotted’ by the Kinks lighting engineer James ‘Desperate’ Dan).


Mark was also active on the recording session circuit during the 80’s and has the distinction of co-writing the song Don’t Answer (with Junior Campbell), one of the very few sung by Hank Marvin of the Shadows.


At the turn of the Millennium, Mark accepted an offer from Alan Williams to join 70’s chart toppers the Rubettes with whom he toured constantly to huge crowds on the nostalgia circuit all over Europe for 15 years. After a short break, when he surprised everyone who knew him by having 3 children, (Clementine, Marco and Lucille) Mark accepted an offer to join The Equals and is into his second year of performing with them.


Now in 2019 Mark has hooked up with Alan once again – as soon as he can find his white cap.


Spencer first picked up the drumsticks in 1980, aged 12. His early influences were artists such as Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Brian Bennett, and Ronnie Tutt to name a few.


Since turning professional in 1994 he has gone on to have a varied and successful career in music, teaching drums and playing sessions for artists such as Mike Berry, Wee Willie Harris, Jess Conrad, Linda Gail Lewis, Chas McDevitt, Wanda Jackson, Anita Harris and many more.


For the last 15 years, Spencer has been mainly involved in session work in theatres and has played with many Successful touring theatre shows in the UK and Europe.


After working on an Alan Williams solo project in 2015. Spencer was thrilled to be asked to stand in on drums with Alan’s band for some dates in 2017 while his drummer was recovering from illness and is now delighted to be asked back as a permanent member of The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams and he is looking forward to being back on the road and performing these fantastic songs.


When he’s not on tour, Spencer enjoys life living by the sea in Bexhill East Sussex with his 2 young sons.