Streaming Great

Downloading and streaming are finally coming good. With sales of hard copy CD’s now virtually non-existent the only revenues available to Artists such as yours truly are, apart from normal performance royalties, (Radio and TV emissions) and Vinyl should you have any, are mostly derived from the downloading of audio and streaming of audio visual of our songs. Thanks to those who already have and to those who are about too. We’ll never likely be number one again but Sugar Baby Love certainly seems to be a hit with the new generation of streamers and is, according to the figures, enjoying somewhat of a resurgence.

Tunecore Lotto

Announcement AWEL

The recent legal issues between jointly Alan and his management company Alan Williams Entertainments (AWEL) and former members of the Rubettes having finally been settled resulted in AWEL retaining copyright in all things Rubettes including but not limited to, name, intellectual property and services. Throughout the whole process, on the advice of our legal team, we chose not to publicly comment upon any aspect of the litigation and not be goaded into dialogue by any and all accusations or criticisms levied against Alan through social media or otherwise. We would like to thank our legal team for their admirable professionalism, dedication and undoubting faith in our endeavours which ultimately resulted in procuring the successful outcome that it was and we would also like to thank all those of you who by consistently ignoring the ofttimes distasteful rhetoric which abounded, demonstrated a depth of belief in Alan that never wavered in continuing to support him throughout.  As with all unfortunate emotionally fuelled legal skirmishes the finer, ofttimes boring, details usually remain limited to what either party chooses to disclose, either publicly through the media, social or otherwise, or privately by word of mouth. We, in this instance, chose to let the evidence speak for itself. However, for those who would wish to have more of a truer factually based insight into the details of the courts findings, by way of a professional unbiased view, we recommend an article produced by Intellectual Property Lawyer Joanne Gibbs, whose excellent condensed interpretation of the 150 page court ruling should more than fulfil your inquisitive needs when reviewed by clicking on the link below. 


We would like it known that Alan and his band the ‘Rubettes featuring Alan Williams’ are in no way associated with the band currently appearing under the name the ‘Rubettes’ or the ‘Rubettes featuring Mick, John, Bill and Mark’.

We are reliably informed that this band, who appeared recently at the Vostertfeestern in Bree, Belgium, Butlins and Warner Holiday camps UK and at many other venues previously, in so doing, are in breach of a recent Court Order forbidding any such appearances by anyone under this name.

The ‘Rubettes’ intellectual property rights are solely owned by Alan’s management company Alan Williams Entertainments Limited who will be seeking recompense for all or any damage caused to the reputation and goodwill associated with the ‘Rubettes’ brand as a consequence of these appearances.  

Getting back to normal

Alan’s back on Tour at last. Flying in from Australia on the 15th May he met with Mark, Lawrie, Spencer and Glyn in an Essex rehearsal studio a few days later to re-kindle the music and friendship they had forged being on tour together in 2019/20 before Australia closed its borders to the world. Then with all the hit’s refreshed and some new songs added they flew to France that weekend for their first gig in over two years in Ploemeur, France. ‘So great to be back on stage, such a great feeling’ said Alan, ‘didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but it did and I’m back’. They certainly were and with Italy to come the following Friday. There had been a lot of secrecy surrounding the Italian show which we can now reveal as being a private party arranged for family and friends by someone, who shall remain nameless, as a special gift for his new wife who has been a fan of the Rubettes and in particular of Alan since the 70’s. Nobody knew that Alan and the guys would be there, hence the secrecy, until they actually appeared on the stage. It was the perfect surprise that I’m sure will be talked about by all who was there for many years to come. Alan said ‘it was a magically weird experience when we walked on stage. The looks on their faces was of total disbelief, it was priceless. I’ve given presents and I’ve received them but I’ve never actually been one myself.’ First time for everything I suppose. Back from Italy Alan will be in Belgium for a few days for some relaxation and promotion for the coming shows in July and August before returning to Australia this weekend. Getting back to normal has been a long time coming but it’s definitely back and so is Alan.

Moments in Time – Expressions of interest

Moments In Time - How to get your copy

Those of you wishing to register their interest in acquiring a limited-edition copy of Alan’s ‘Moments in Time’ album are invited to email and register giving their Full Name, Town and Country. Number of albums per person will be limited to a maximum of two. When albums become available and ready to ship, we’re hoping for sometime in January 2022, each of those having registered their interest will be informed with details of how and where to make  payment. After having  placed your order and paid the sum advised, which will include relevant tax and shipping to your location from Australia, you will receive an exclusively numbered (1-100) 12-inch gate fold sleeved vinyl record designed and personally dedicated and signed by Alan (if and as requested) plus, one of a hundred exclusive pressings of a ‘Moments in Time’ CD. Edition number will be allocated in order of receipt of payment. Each purchaser will also be automatically entered into a price draw to win a rare, long since been deleted, signed vinyl copy of Alan’s extended play solo single ‘Gimmi Some Lovin’, giving them a one in however many but certainly no more than a hundred, chance of winning. 

Moments In Time

Vinyl Album coming soon

Alan’s first vinyl album since ‘Telephone Ring’ will soon be available as a Limited edition. Entitled ‘Moments In Time” manufacturing is already underway but being reliant on the one most important commodity, vinyl, which has unfortunately become exceedingly scarce due to covid delayed delivery we are unable to say exactly when it will be ready but are hoping for it to arrive before Christmas. Updates on progress will be posted here and on Facebook.

Golden Number One

It may not be the UK or America but a number one on Amazon could almost be claimed as Universal. Having not had any chart success for some time we’ll take anything we can get confirming once again that Rubettes music is still sought, loved and appreciated the World over. Thanks to all Rubettes fans and converts and hang on in there till we are able to once again tread the boards. Alan.

New Rubettes Gold

New Rubettes Gold Collection. The result of a fantastic combined effort by Alan Williams Entertainments Limited ( AWEL ) and Universal Music Corporation following months of productive negotiations Demon Records are able to proudly present, which must be, the ultimate Rubettes 70’s collection with 52 original recordings on a 3 CD album package. Combining all the hit’s with specially selected album tracks this must be a true Rubettes fan’s idea of heaven. Due for release on 28th May 2021 it can be pre-ordered now from