Moments in Time – Expressions of interest

Moments In Time - How to get your copy

Those of you wishing to register their interest in acquiring a limited-edition copy of Alan’s ‘Moments in Time’ album are invited to email and register giving their Full Name, Town and Country. Number of albums per person will be limited to a maximum of two. When albums become available and ready to ship, we’re hoping for sometime in January 2022, each of those having registered their interest will be informed with details of how and where to make  payment. After having  placed your order and paid the sum advised, which will include relevant tax and shipping to your location from Australia, you will receive an exclusively numbered (1-100) 12-inch gate fold sleeved vinyl record designed and personally dedicated and signed by Alan (if and as requested) plus, one of a hundred exclusive pressings of a ‘Moments in Time’ CD. Edition number will be allocated in order of receipt of payment. Each purchaser will also be automatically entered into a price draw to win a rare, long since been deleted, signed vinyl copy of Alan’s extended play solo single ‘Gimmi Some Lovin’, giving them a one in however many but certainly no more than a hundred, chance of winning. 

Moments In Time

Vinyl Album coming soon

Alan’s first vinyl album since ‘Telephone Ring’ will soon be available as a Limited edition. Entitled ‘Moments In Time” manufacturing is already underway but being reliant on the one most important commodity, vinyl, which has unfortunately become exceedingly scarce due to covid delayed delivery we are unable to say exactly when it will be ready but are hoping for it to arrive before Christmas. Updates on progress will be posted here and on Facebook.

Golden Number One

It may not be the UK or America but a number one on Amazon could almost be claimed as Universal. Having not had any chart success for some time we’ll take anything we can get confirming once again that Rubettes music is still sought, loved and appreciated the World over. Thanks to all Rubettes fans and converts and hang on in there till we are able to once again tread the boards. Alan.

New Rubettes Gold

New Rubettes Gold Collection. The result of a fantastic combined effort by Alan Williams Entertainments Limited ( AWEL ) and Universal Music Corporation following months of productive negotiations Demon Records are able to proudly present, which must be, the ultimate Rubettes 70’s collection with 52 original recordings on a 3 CD album package. Combining all the hit’s with specially selected album tracks this must be a true Rubettes fan’s idea of heaven. Due for release on 28th May 2021 it can be pre-ordered now from

Christmas Video 2020

This Christmas will be distinctly different for all and depending where you are in the world will determine how and where we will be celebrating. Never before have we been faced with choices such as these to be made. Do the right thing within the restrictions imposed by our respective governing bodies or ignore them by throwing caution to the wind and be dammed of the consequences whatever they may be in the name of just having another good time. One thing’s for sure however good intended or selfish you maybe we can’t just pretend that it’s a normal Christmas and business as usual. It will feel very different because it is very different. The usual singing, dancing and clapping of hands will somehow feel inappropriate this year and for this reason we have chosen to offer up as our Christmas present to you ‘Another Christmas’. A beautiful song, written by Pete Richardson, whose lyrics captures the very essence of the moment befitting of the circumstances that surround us, not of happiness and joy but of optimism and hope for the future which, if the truth be known, is what everyone the world over would be happy to receive this Christmas. 


For those who might be interested ‘Another Christmas’ can be found on the Santa and his Christmas Crackers album ‘Let there be Christmas’ SC001. © 2013 AWEL. available on line from Tunecore and other outlets.


Corona Virus Postponements

As expected due to the present Global confinement situation present and future listed shows have and will continue to be postponed until further notice until the crisis has past. Those shows that have already been rescheduled will of course be subject to the situation and government directives at that time. Shows yet to be rescheduled also remain dependant upon government directives and availability. Already purchased tickets will generally be transferable and remain valid or refundable however it is wise to check with the ticket source for confirmation. We anticipate all listed shows to eventually be rescheduled and take place at some time in the future and apologise for any unavoidable inconvenience.

Vinyl wins the day

Best selling merchandise on the UK Tour by far is proving to be the ‘Best of Rubettes’ album on Vinyl which with only a few copies left is sure to be sold out before the end of the UK tour in Eastbourne this Thursday. Such is the renewed success and demand for vinyl that a repress is already being planned for next year with a new sleeve and maybe even one or two new bonus tracks, certainly something to look forward too.

UK Tour almost done

And ‘What a great 45th anniversary tour’ it’s proving to be. Reaction to the new acoustic set has been simply amazing and just keeps getting better. If you get the chance to come and see one of the last shows for this year you really shouldn’t miss it. Reviews are the best yet with great candid photos to see on our Facebook page. Rumours have it that this new show will be taken into France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in 2020 with dates already being planned. Alan says he and his new band have really ‘Clicked’ on the tour giving new life and energy to his and the Rubettes music and after a well deserved Christmas break can’t wait to take their show into Europe next year and beyond. Alan would like to thank everyone for all the support they have given him during what has been a sometimes difficult but often rewarding 2019 and adds that through it all ‘Where I am now’ is a great place to be.