Christmas Video 2020

This Christmas will be distinctly different for all and depending where you are in the world will determine how and where we will be celebrating. Never before have we been faced with choices such as these to be made. Do the right thing within the restrictions imposed by our respective governing bodies or ignore them by throwing caution to the wind and be dammed of the consequences whatever they may be in the name of just having another good time. One thing’s for sure however good intended or selfish you maybe we can’t just pretend that it’s a normal Christmas and business as usual. It will feel very different because it is very different. The usual singing, dancing and clapping of hands will somehow feel inappropriate this year and for this reason we have chosen to offer up as our Christmas present to you ‘Another Christmas’. A beautiful song, written by Pete Richardson, whose lyrics captures the very essence of the moment befitting of the circumstances that surround us, not of happiness and joy but of optimism and hope for the future which, if the truth be known, is what everyone the world over would be happy to receive this Christmas. 


For those who might be interested ‘Another Christmas’ can be found on the Santa and his Christmas Crackers album ‘Let there be Christmas’ SC001. © 2013 AWEL. available on line from Tunecore and other outlets.


Corona Virus Postponements

As expected due to the present Global confinement situation present and future listed shows have and will continue to be postponed until further notice until the crisis has past. Those shows that have already been rescheduled will of course be subject to the situation and government directives at that time. Shows yet to be rescheduled also remain dependant upon government directives and availability. Already purchased tickets will generally be transferable and remain valid or refundable however it is wise to check with the ticket source for confirmation. We anticipate all listed shows to eventually be rescheduled and take place at some time in the future and apologise for any unavoidable inconvenience.

Vinyl wins the day

Best selling merchandise on the UK Tour by far is proving to be the ‘Best of Rubettes’ album on Vinyl which with only a few copies left is sure to be sold out before the end of the UK tour in Eastbourne this Thursday. Such is the renewed success and demand for vinyl that a repress is already being planned for next year with a new sleeve and maybe even one or two new bonus tracks, certainly something to look forward too.

UK Tour almost done

And ‘What a great 45th anniversary tour’ it’s proving to be. Reaction to the new acoustic set has been simply amazing and just keeps getting better. If you get the chance to come and see one of the last shows for this year you really shouldn’t miss it. Reviews are the best yet with great candid photos to see on our Facebook page. Rumours have it that this new show will be taken into France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in 2020 with dates already being planned. Alan says he and his new band have really ‘Clicked’ on the tour giving new life and energy to his and the Rubettes music and after a well deserved Christmas break can’t wait to take their show into Europe next year and beyond. Alan would like to thank everyone for all the support they have given him during what has been a sometimes difficult but often rewarding 2019 and adds that through it all ‘Where I am now’ is a great place to be.

UK Tour Set List

As you probably already know the upcoming UK shows will be in two completely different halves, Acoustic and Electric and as promised during the acoustic set there will be played some never before album tracks as well as a few new songs. So very exciting for the ardent Rubettes fan and also we imagine extremely interesting to the unfamiliar curious 70’s fan who will be surprised to discover a hidden side to the Rubettes when Alan discloses some but not all their secrets. The second half Electric set is as you might expect ‘Electric‘ with all the Rubettes UK hit’s being played and even then the surprises keep on coming.

First Half

Beggar Man

Rubettes ‘Wear Its‘At’ album track 1974.

Kid Runaway

Rubettes last single release 1979

Queen of Aberdeen

Alan Williams’ solo recording 1982. Released on Alan’s ‘Telephone Ring’ compilation album 2011

Just When I Needed You Most

Worldwide 1979 hit by Randy Vanwarmer featuring backing vocals performed by the Rubettes.

Ooh La La

Rubettes 1977 European Hit 

Plastic Christmas

Christmas Hit the Rubettes never had from the 2016 album ‘Let There Be Christmas’ 


Rubettes Alan Williams and John Richardson 1972 recording of the 1962 Tommy Roe worldwide hit ‘Sheila’ as duo ‘Baskin and Copperfield’. Released on Baskin and Copperfield compilation 2011

Mothers Lament

Cream ‘Disraeli Gears’ album track 1967

Please Stay

Rare Rubettes cover of the Drifters 1961 hit. From the 1992 album ‘Riding On a Rainbow’ 

Second Half













UK tour dates added

It’s with great pleasure that we can now start to announce the long awaited UK segment of our 45th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour. Others to follow when confirmed. Details of venues can be found on our ‘Tour Info’ page. The scheduled shows will take the same format as the 2016 ‘An Evening With’ tour with an acoustic set featuring Rubettes and Solo album tracks, some heard for the very first time played live interspersed with stories and reminiscences from days gone by. Tickets will soon be available on line or from the Theatre box-office.

Alan Down under

Alan has been invited to join the ’70’s Hit Makers’ tour of Australia this coming November 2017. Presenting a celebration of the music of the Rubettes he will be joined on stage by Richard Gower, lead vocalist of ‘Racey’ and Phil Wright, lead vocalist of ‘Paper lace’. These three bands were amongst the biggest record selling Artists in Australia during the 70’s and it will be the first time that any of their music will have been performed live by any of the three band originals in Australia. The rest of the guys will not be going on this occasion but we all wish Alan great success as it could be the precursor to touring their ‘An Evening with’ show there next year. Australian Tour company Abstract Entertainment already tour the likes of ‘Boney M’ and ‘Bay City Rollers’ in Australia and New Zealand and have shown a great interest since  discovering the we are still ‘alive and kicking’ here in the Northern hemisphere indicated that if  Alan’s reception is favourable they would be interested in next time bringing the whole band ‘down under’. With all the British ex pats living there we think it’s a forgone conclusion. It’s worth noting that despite all the Rubettes success in Australia, they have several gold discs from the region, they never got to tour there during the 70’s. They were so busy in Europe and elsewhere that the time could not be spared in between other commitments to go there ( you can’t just pop over for a few days ) they have always regretted this and are hopeful that even after 40 years it’s not too late. So come on you ‘Aussies’ you know what to do if you want the band to come play for you, contact these guys and in the meantime catch Alan at a show near you. The tour kicks off in Sydney 3rd November 2017 and ends on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane 18th November 2017 visiting many major cities such as Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. Confirmed Dates : Friday 3rd November. ROOTY HILL RSL, Sydney, NSW. Saturday 4th November. CANTERBURY HURLSTONE PARK RSL, Sydney, NSW. Sunday 5th November. WESTS NEW LAMBTON, Newcastle, NSW. Wednesday 8th November. GRIFFITH REGIONAL THEATRE, Griffith, NSW. Thursday 9th November. CANBERRA SOUTHERN CROSS CLUB, Canberra, ACT. Friday 10th November. THE PALMS AT CROWN, Melbourne, VIC. Saturday 11th November. THE JUNIORS, Kingsford, NSW. Wednesday 15th November. THE GUV ADELAIDE, Adelaide, SA. Thursday 16th November. ASTOR THEATRE, Perth, WA. Friday 17th November. ANITA’S THEATRE, Thirroul, NSW. Saturday 18th November. TWIN TOWNS, Gold Coast, NSW.