Getting back to normal

Alan’s back on Tour at last. Flying in from Australia on the 15th May he met with Mark, Lawrie, Spencer and Glyn in an Essex rehearsal studio a few days later to re-kindle the music and friendship they had forged being on tour together in 2019/20 before Australia closed its borders to the world. Then with all the hit’s refreshed and some new songs added they flew to France that weekend for their first gig in over two years in Ploemeur, France. ‘So great to be back on stage, such a great feeling’ said Alan, ‘didn’t think it was ever going to happen, but it did and I’m back’. They certainly were and with Italy to come the following Friday. There had been a lot of secrecy surrounding the Italian show which we can now reveal as being a private party arranged for family and friends by someone, who shall remain nameless, as a special gift for his new wife who has been a fan of the Rubettes and in particular of Alan since the 70’s. Nobody knew that Alan and the guys would be there, hence the secrecy, until they actually appeared on the stage. It was the perfect surprise that I’m sure will be talked about by all who was there for many years to come. Alan said ‘it was a magically weird experience when we walked on stage. The looks on their faces was of total disbelief, it was priceless. I’ve given presents and I’ve received them but I’ve never actually been one myself.’ First time for everything I suppose. Back from Italy Alan will be in Belgium for a few days for some relaxation and promotion for the coming shows in July and August before returning to Australia this weekend. Getting back to normal has been a long time coming but it’s definitely back and so is Alan.