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Baskin And Copperfield
Baskin And Copperfield
Never before released in album form this collection of recordings from 'Baskin and Copperfield' the duo formed in 1970 by John Richardson and Alan Williams, four years prior to the Rubettes first hit, gives hint of the talent yet to emerge from within the Rubettes that followed. In 1970 the duo's first single 'I never see the Sun' was released reaching number 50 in the U.K. charts giving them their first television appearance on Top of the Pops. There followed more single releases including a cover of the Beatles 'The Long and Winding Road' but unfortunately no real chart topping successes was to be found as Baskin and Copperfield, that was to come later in 1974 as the Rubettes.
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Track Listing

Baskin and Copperfield
1. I never see the sun
2. Stranger on the ground
3. Moon beans
4. Long grass
5. Roly poly
6. We got love
7. The long and winding road
8. Beautiful blue eyes
9. Roman woman
10. One woman band
11. Sheila
Alan and John
12. I still love you
13. Love bonds
Richard and Williams
14. Married
15. Who makes the world go round
16. Take good care of my baby


Bonus Tracks


During the Rubettes successful years throughout the seventies Alan and John still found time to record together as a duo. ‘I still love you’ coupled with ‘Love bonds’ on the B side was released as a single in 1975 under the name of ‘Alan and John’. Then in 1976 under the name of ‘Richards n’ Williams’ they released a cover of Bobby Vee’s ‘Take good care of my baby’ followed by ‘Married’ coupled with ‘Who makes the world go round’ in 1977. ‘Married’ was the duo’s last ever single. They did however record one last song, a cover of Tommy Roe’s ‘Sheila’ which was never released.


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