The Rubettes Featuring Alan Williams

We are all no doubt familiar with the Rubettes conception in 1974 with founder member lead vocalist front man Alan Williams as part of the band’s original line up which produced hit after hit throughout the 70’s.


In celebrating nearly 50 years (in 2024) of varying but continuous Rubettes line ups, it’s significant that the common denominator Alan Williams having remained throughout, while others came and went, has perpetuated and sustained the  authentic sound of the Rubettes well into the 21st century and continues to do so. With Alan being the Rubettes lead vocalist and frontman from the very beginning there can be no better ambassador for Rubettes music than Alan with the latest line up of the Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Mark Haley, Spencer Lingwood, Laurie Haley and Glyn Davies.

2020 Live on Youtube : ‘Tonight’ ‘Juke Box Jive’ 
2020 Live on Youtube : ‘Julia’ 

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